1) It Starts

Artist: The Happy Hollows (website, myspace)
Song: Meteors

I've been just not caring about new (to me) bands all too much lately; not so much anti-music but just content with the regular fare served up by enjoyable bands and uninspiring sets by others.

So Wednesday morning after reading multiple mentions in all the real LA music blogs, I spent a few minutes to check out the The Happy Hollows myspace page. This turns into 45 minutes of listening, watching, and downloading everything I could get online.

I'm in the must see them live now mindset and hope they are as interesting as they come off in their videos. They sound sort of Pixies-ish in some songs, sort of plain silly-ish in others, and just all sorts of what I like in a band.

Next Show:

Monday March 6th @ The Echo - Free
with Airborne Toxic Event, the resident band with major buzz in the local blogosphere, Radars to the Sky and Low vs. Diamond


  1. Anonymous9:12 AM

    love love love the Happy Hollows.

  2. I'll throw in another helping of love love love the Happy Hollows. All the best parts of all the bands I ever loved. "If I was in a band, it would be a band like this."


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