my did and did nots

Did not go out.
Did not watch 24.
Did not drive to Costa Mesa for a show.
Did share some vegan food and watched Shop Girl w/ a friend.
Did not go to the premiere of Number 23 at the Orpheum as planned.
(more interest in the theatre than the movie)
Did eat pizza with a bottle of newcastle
Did play super monkey ball for hours.
Did not call some people for Valentines.
Did not go to Kiss or Kill - some good bands and a Journey cover band with ronnie of the muffs - but I can't stand Journey! Journey + living in the Bay Area during their prime = my ears bleed.
Did have pancakes for dinner and fell asleep on my couch all before 6.30pm
Did receive a valentines from my mom with a Trader Joes gift card.

Tonight to dos:

Club Yoostuh Becool presents @ The Old Towne Pub
5 bucks, 21+
Bobot Adrenaline 9.30pm, The Dollyrots 10.00pm, Pu$$y-Cow 10.30pm,
New Maximum Donkey 11 pm, Inazuma 11.30
Audio Presents @ Three of Clubs, Hollywood
21+ -- Free - bands at 10.30
The Health Club, A for Attack, Casxio

I do think I might be attending the Reno 911! - Miami premiere beforehand.
I do think I need a laugh right now.
Will I feel less alone in a crowd of strangers?


  1. Anonymous11:33 AM

    Robert, did you end up at Yoostah or Audio? You should've come Wednesday. I had something for you.


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