echo park log #36

Two weeks ago:

Sunday morning I was walking down my block to the car and ahead of me was a couple saying a late morning goodbye next to a silver Jetta.

Her hands on his hips. His right hand cupped her cheek. As I moved closer down the sidewalk they repositioned their bodies and with a little push the young man swung her out into the street.

The music swirled from a third floor apartment above as her body was pulled back in with a drifting down a playground slide laugh.

I scanned the moment I walked into and saw only my smile reflected in the their little bubble of time.


  1. Nothing but WEAK SAUCE going on here, bring it Robert Dean, I fucking dare you!!

  2. also, in other news, all pies are $5.99 at Marie Callenders (probably not all - some cheescake thingy was $27.00 so I think that one is special),..... I gots me some Double Cream Blueberry (dream)going on right, right NOW. Um Yumm-deli-icious. I added the (Dream) part.
    oh yeah, you need to bring it or I might start reading Britney's blog instead.

  3. Sorry. I've lost myself in the seven Bowie albums I added to iTunes today.

    Priorities man.


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