Echo Park Log # 58

Saturday was a beautiful day.

Driving down Sunset Blvd I saw first the camera man in the bike line then the pink hair girl ravenously making out with another actor in the bus stop.

"Did you see that?" I asked my passengers from So. Orange County.

"Yeah. That's weird."

"No. Not really."

A few minutes later we were inside Sea Level watching The Parson Red Heads play their CD release show. J loved the female drummer while K thought the guy playing his car keys as an instrument was amusing. A little low key of a daytime show but still quite enjoyable as the four or five times I've seen them before.

Made it back to my place for pizza and laughter.
Like I said, Saturday was a beautiful day.

This girl is a snob - I don't care for judgmental people and if people looked down at her at the Echo, well they suck too.

How did I not notice this minuscule mention (via blogdowntown) in the LA Times? Pretty sure this is me.

(why can't everyday be pizza and laughter?)


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