It's only a state of mind

Things have been odd lately.

The good kind of odd and not even all that odd in the odd kind of way. Finally made it through my mental block just in time for a ton of work to land on my desk - A sales ad/artwork to be completed, refiling the files pulled for review, nag my Florida rep to break some knuckles over numerous past due accounts. All fun stuff. I feel like a whirlwind of files are going to whisk me away.

Thing is that I know why I had this block, you might know why I had this block but I'm not going to go into here right now. Let's just say I've been drifting within this air current of uncertainty for the last few days - bumping along the clouds, missing the pockets of turbulence and having a wonderful time not knowing where I'm going to land. Liberating and yet scary because at some point you're going to land and it is only a matter of degree on how bumpy it will be.

Saturday wasn't any different: went to the Vista for my first time to catch Pan's Labyrinth knowing only it was fairytale-ish in nature and walked out of there a little numb by the dark, fatalistic escapism storyline.

In short, I liked the film better when it was called Brazil.

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