Tonight at Kiss or Kill

Artist: The Mulhollands
Song: Baby It's Alright
Why: Well I wish the video was for the song "True Romance" (mp3) instead, but oh well this short, somewhat redundant song will do for now.

One of the old things brought back to Kiss or Kill this year is that nearly every band is booked after seeing them live at another venue. So tonight's Girl Fronted Band theme should be filled with some good sets by some bands I'm unfamiliar with.

When I used to drive out 30+ miles every Tuesday to Zen, and later the Echo, there were times when I needed to sober up a bit and ended up catching a few bands that changed the evening from why did bother wasting gas to OMG! I haven't felt this stimulated since my last girlfriend did that special thing with marshmallows and chocolate to me.

yes rock n roll was just as good as smores being stuck in my mouth.

Tonight Kiss or Kill present @ Safari Sam's:
The Mulhollands 12:30
The Press Fire 11:45-12:15
Killola 11:00-11:30
Bang Sugar Bang 10:15-10:45
Wake Up Incinerate 9:30-10:00


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