Star Wars Exhibit at the Science Center

I forgot that I did this four days ago until I saw it mentioned on Kate Danley's LJ today.

Yes I'm becoming forgetful in my old age.

Yes I nerded out and visited the new Stars Wars exhibit at the California Science Center on Sunday.

A quick rundown if you go:

It is free (most exhibits are usually not - the Science Center is always free)
Doors open at 10 - Get there by 9ish to avoid crowds
Go during the week if possible
If you're late you might as well buy those priority IMAX tickets to skip the standby line. I was there at 9.45 on opening day and walked straight in but a hour later the stand by line wasn't too long but the folks in it had to wait for the movie crowd to pass through the exhibit first.

If you happen to attend the exhibit about the time the first movie was made (I saw it at the Yerba Buena Gardens in San Francisco and assume it traveled down here) you will be a bit disappointed; This one was smaller, had far less ship models and only the important costumes of the main characters and none of the secondary roles. On the good side though were props from the newer movies, the costumes could be seen up close vs. the giant three tier wall-o-costumes in SF, and there were some interactive exhibits that kids will like. To be fair the purpose of this show was to highlight the science while the other one was focused more on the art of the movie.

We ended up skipping the Millennium Falcon ($ 2) Hubble exhibit and were bored to death of the enclosed robot exhibit featuring animatronic C-3PO inside the main room.

While you're visiting Exposition Park give some love to the Natural History Museum, Space Air Gallery (free) and the California African American Museum (Free) next door.

California Science Center @ Exposition Park
Open 10-5 daily -- Free

Exhibit ends April 29th -- Parking $6


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