I have blocks in my head. I'm fine, I'm quite happy. I'm just waiting for a sign I told my friend last night in the big buttoned purple coat. I could spend all day writing circles of words in my notebook, slowly working on four posts that will get done, trying to remember what it was like before these blocks crushed my thoughts. Trying to remember how a song can change my mood. Remembering how much fun band watching can be, or how people staring across the crowd isn't. "You're doing that staring thing again" she said last night. I was. There was a moment before leaving when I stood on the curb staring out into the parking lot last night and I couldn't think what to say or what to do next.

People said nice things to me last night. Underwater City People made me get up front finally. You see I didn't know how to handle crowds or start a conversation last night and though not meant to be rude I ended a group conversation with "I need to go. I'm feeling really short right now" then walked over to another group two feet away starting with "Wow I was feeling kind of short over there." The two girls looked up to me and I looked down (just physically) at them and one said "Well I hope you feel better now" which I did.

Artist: The Rentals
Song: Waiting
Why: sort of how I'm feeling - though not directed at anyone

Which reminds me:

The lovely and talented Sara Radle (a big part of the reformed Rentals) wrote on her blog about running in the Pacific Shoreline Marathon 2007 this Sunday and is requesting sponsorship in support if the Free Wheelchair Mission.
    "This February, I will be running the Pacific Shoreline Half Marathon... my first ever! Through this half-marathon, I'm fund raising for Free Wheelchair Mission - an international non-profit organization dedicated to providing the transforming gift of mobility to the physically disabled poor in developing countries.

    I am currently welcoming sponsors online through the following website: firstgiving.com/sararadle

    Thank you in advance for any support you can give! Happy holidays!


You only have a couple days to do this. which you should. people say nice things about you. this could be one more.


  1. how ridiculous was the traffic today?!

  2. My 30 minute drive took a hour and that was after waiting to leave at 7pm!

    I'm lucky that I'm a loser and didn't have any plans for Friday night.


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