4.30.07 - old draft

I had a sales rep in my office the other day pushing softgels since those are the things I like to buy in bulk. I don't like to buy office supplies.

She was nice and sweet and talked about commutes and vacations and for a few minutes there I felt that I mattered. Realized how knowledgeable I am about what I do since I never talk shop with people outside of work these days. Heck I don't even talk to people at work anymore. No water cooler boils, no 7.45 am kaffeeklatsch anymore since the smart left long ago.

Now I barely drink coffee
Now I barely talk.

This weekend was suppose to be no different. Went out three or four times during the week (8+ bands) and my free weekend shut in my apartment. Within minutes coming home on Friday I received an invite for late afternoon gelato with a friend. The first hour went by unnoticed. We laughed at the two hour mark. We didn't leave until they turned off the lights at closing at nearly four hours passing.

How did that happen?

Saturday I never left my place. Sat at the kitchen table with my morning cup listening to the new Bjork and Lucky Soul albums then the Slings produced compilation JP picked up at last weeks Deep Sea Diver show. A book, a glass of water with distractions of cool breeze cross circulation, the group walks to service at the Angelues Temple, the swaying of palm trees eye level to my third floor apartment.

I love Echo Park noises.

Sunday was equally unproductive save for long phone calls to family and friends, a quick shot to Albertsons after a minor spoil of McDonald's. As I sat inside treating myself to junk (but it's been so long!) I thought about how not lonely I felt among the families chatting and mothers yelling to sit still to the little ones eager to finish and hit the playground plastic, the playground rubber mats.

Sometimes it's nice to be alone, not lonely,
for awhile.

courtesy of myspace reconnections, I just noticed that I've dated at least two (current) Ph.D.s. weird.


  1. You figure they would be smart enough to stay away from you but NO, even the smartest people on paper can be less than savy in street smarts.

  2. thanks Corey, I take that as a personal attack! Although I am not a phD, but close enough!


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