wed 5.9.07

Deep Sea Diver and the Slings = yay!
My Pet Saddle 7.30, Slings 8.15, Deep Sea Diver 9.30
$5, all ages @ Plush Cafe + Lounge a cool internet cafe in lovely Fullerton.

Kiss or Kill presents @ Safari Sam's $3/5 - all ages
9:30 pm - Clash City Rockers (An Early Clash Tribute Band),
10:15 pm - Overnight Lows (shut up. I like super pop) , 11:00 pm- The Rainman Suite,
11:45 pm - She's Your Sister (great chicago rock) , 12:30 am - RockPaperScissors

Corey is going to:
Death to Anders, Karabal Nightlife (I keep meaning to see them),
Soft Hands (very good), Wake Up Incinerate
at the Silverlake Lounge $10 21+


  1. Anonymous12:03 AM

    I am getting to be more and more of a fan of Deep Sea Diver without even hearing it... I loved her when you took me to see her solo stuff... but then I find the band has a name that I just love love love... and that flyer is just too damn adorible!!!


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