Kiss or Kill moving to El Cid


Kiss or Kill Venue Change Starting in June

May will be our last month at Safari Sam's, as we move our weekly Kiss or Kill night to El Cid starting Weds. June 6th. We hope to see everyone come out & support our final weekly shows at Sam's!

We have a great time at Safari Sam's & are leaving the door open to doing future one off events. They have been amazing host's & more importantly great friends. We want to get back to our roots & reaffirm the communal aspect of the club. We are excited to work with Tobin Shea again who inspired the initial concept behind Kiss or Kill at the Garage.

Cover will remain the same, & the night will be 18+.

We will be kicking off the night with a Kiss or Kill Homecoming Dance! With the Miss Kiss or Kill 07 pageant', the winner will win a bar tab & a guest starring role in the next Chissum Worthington Video! Details will be coming out soon...

Kiss or Kill/Metal Skool Monday at the Key Club will still be the first Monday of every month & the monthly at Alex's Bar in Long Beach is still on schedule.

Infused Tequila all around.

Happy Cinco De Mayo!

[old rumor confirmed finally]

Nothing against Safari Sam's as it is still one of better sounding venues (with good sight lines, and nice staff too) in Los Angeles, but was way too big for the Kiss or Kill crowd these days and never had the type of patio (permanent, less visible) that would be productive for all night socializing. Sort of felt like having bad birthday party in a prison yard with Home Depot decorations. And the view of the 99cent store parking lot wasn't as much as a problem as that it always felt like the fugly lights were shining down on us. You know what I'm talking about; Darkness increases everyone's odds.

They tried (more so than the Echo), Kiss or Kill tried but the reality is that El Cid with all it's nooks and crannies, not to mention a hella great outside patio, is the best venue for the club right now.

This move is not to become bigger, it's just about becoming better.


  1. Anonymous10:49 AM

    "Darkness increases everyone's odds"

    ha :)


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