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Kiss Or Kill - Final show at Safari Sam's before moving to El Cid next week.

This is either the best thing to restart the club or as how this second hand remark I heard succinctly put it: "No one goes anymore, the club is just about to limp off to El Cid and die."
Well that's a positive attitude.
Here's looking forward to new people, new bands and a new scene.

with Chissum Worthington 9.30, Bobot Adrenaline 10.15,
Porterville 11, The Randies 11.45, The Fizzies 12.30

Pink Mochi @ the Silvelake Lounge
Ai of Pink Mochi has another band called Chromosome Tea that used to play the "old" Kiss or Kill before taking a long break for various reasons. This will be their first show in a year. Chromosome Tea 9pm, Pink Mochi 10pm
Great Northern @ The Troubadour with Swedish band Loney, Dear
GN playing the Prospector in Long Beach on Thursday btw


  1. I just blew your streak of 7 consecutive posts with no comments. And I probably spelled "consecutive" wrong.


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