long beach desires

Ok I get the good words about Force Field On I read yesterday afternoon.

Good stuff even for what seem like an overly long set - this is only mentioned because I had hope that like *some* of other Prospector shows I've seen over the last couple years this one would start on time; my secret plan was to see The Happy Hollows, sneak out to Alex's Bar for Deep Sea Diver, make it back for New Fidelity, sacrificing the Soft Hands set which I can tell you was great since none of this panned out.

So much for the imaginary world where I get everything I desire.

The Happy Hollows at the Echo a few weeks ago - photo by Corey

No reality wasn't that bad: I wore the wrong color pants and continue this weeks hefeweizen drinking spree to good music. Added benefit of listening in (they were yelling over the music) to the conversation next to me.

During the break between Happy Hollows songs:
Guy with prescription sunglasses: Wow
Friend: Wow
Friend: They're f..ing amazing
GWPS: Yeah! Want another beer?

Next break while the Happy Hollows dealt with sound issues
GWPS: Wow.
Friend: I f..ing love them. They're so raw.
GWPS: What?
Friend They're so raw!
Gwps: yeah.

The Happy Hollows switch out the Bass.

Friend: What kind of bass is that? I've never seen one like that before.
GWPS: It think it's a xxxxx (something something. I don't know)
Friend: I never seen one like that before. What kind of bass is it?

This continues for a couple minutes since they were a bit drunk and then followed by more gushing about the band. The sound got better and the singer starting her bouncy electrified guitar playing and I look over to these guys connecting to the band on stage. Each time they chatted I wanted to turn and say "Yes! Exactly!"

Because you know that wouldn't be weird or anything.


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