Delta Spirit @ The Echo
with Sparrow Love Crew, The Shys, Deep Sea Diver

My schedule this month is in such a jumble that I can't go to this show mere blocks away from home. Sigh. Well if you're in EP tonight look for the fireworks after the Dodger game, say 10ish? wait is that tonight?

missing LoveLikeFire at the sliverlake lounge too. blah.


There is now a presale for the Rentals July residency at Spaceland. Ticket sales start tomorrow (5.12) at noon at a reduced price of $15. 2 ticket limit - password: barcelona @ or 866.468.3399

blah - I have a hundred miles of rush hour driving to look forward to this evening. If you need me I'll be on the 5 and maybe the 405 for the heck of it on the way back. yay me.


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