Monday night I saw this girl that looked familiar to me. I'm probably wrong but watching the new video for the NY band today, I think it was one of the band members (first one that comes on screen).

Whatever, I like the song.

Looker @ myspace


  1. The last two were beautiful... And you should always tell a girl you think she's beautiful and then if put up to a challenge of "and not everyday!" respond with well of course every day... There is not one girl I know who wouldn't like to be told even in a complicated situation..

    I hope you are hanging in there.

  2. I agree completely...

    I think every person wants to be told things like that... If you ever see a truely beautiful man, don't hold back there either.

    I'm a compliment whore... it works out well for me... you could make it work for you too

    PS you're hot Robert Dean
    (see didn't that feel good?)


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