sometimes I can't even say hello

hellojp said...

We'll have to have a conversation sometime about what could happen if you start seizing those opportunities willy-nilly, balls to the wall, devil-may-care...ishly.

You could do it, you know. And it could be good. Very good.


It's hard when observation is your default mode
when the foot is tangled in shyness
and the eyes are locked on the smile

what to do next
when she stands behind you talking to a non mutual friend
and interruptions would be considered rude?

As always, I just stand there.

"shyness is nice...."


  1. Anonymous7:45 PM

    I should probably comment on this post since I am an Involved Party. I should probably have some valuable insight.

    But I won't. And I don't.

    Instead I'll tell you that you were hella fun last night and a trooper for sticking it out until the end. I look forward to the next time (Tuesday?).

    And you're welcome for getting you some tongue.


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