sometimes it is a bad idea to keep talking

[unpublished post from a few months ago]

I stumbled out onto the sidewalk with a catch of the doorframe with my right foot. My exit barely noted by the group outside the Silverlake Lounge waiting for someone other than me.

"Oh hi ......." I smiled my embarrassment to the two girls talking.

"Hello" She offered as if giving out directions or calling out bingo numbers; if you're just calling out numbers and not playing, why bother to feign interest in your own words? I took no offense to her tone as she always ran hot or cold on any given night. No history between us - nothing personal.

"How are you doing?"
The knob was distinctively turned towards cold this night but I thought lukewarm could be coaxed out her.

"Great." Said her blank stare.

I glanced over to the observing friend (one I've met numerous times before), with her 'I don't know you' thought expressed nicely with a quick quirk of the corner of her mouth. Clearly I was on my own in my female coaxing abilities here, but I wasn't going to let her get away without a little give.

"Just great???" served with a smile big enough to fed five and a "tah dah" jerk of the head and shoulders to finish it off. There might even have been jazz hands.

She simply turned to her friend and continued with their conversation.

Clearly I suck.


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