This year

Artist: The Mountain Goats ... (wikipedia)
Song: This Year ... (off the album The Sunset Tree)
- The new album Get Lonely comes out today (8.22.06)
- In store solo set @ amoeba tomorrow 7 pm

Hello Ms. Small Feet,

We know each other socially but in this world that doesn't mean a thing. We don't talk, we don't really say hi to each other, I'm old as dirt, you're young as rain and that's not why I was looking at you three jack and cokes in.

I just couldn't shake this feeling at the bar last night. I remember looking at my friend and saying 'She reminds me that I need to work on my friendliness.'

This year I should do that.


  1. this song rules and i need more.

    i just had it on repeat forty times.

  2. Anonymous11:06 AM

    >I'm counting your birthday as the start of the known you "well" stage)

    in the biblical sense?


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