short post

Yeah that whole having net access and the time to blog just didn't happen for me this weekend.

In short:
Kept mom from having a heart attack over wedding details
Saw zero of my friends I'd planned on hanging out with
Made out with nobody
Slept in my car - twice

Basically this is what you get when my sister gets married:

A bunch of Texans, a gaggle of Spaniards and Puerto Ricans, a transsexual (post op), a Man of Honor, a camel barn, a world famous jazz bassoonist (apparently there is such a thing), a four year old ring bearer who dropped the rings, drunk dialing, and my favorite drunk Italian Stallion wannabe older policeman brother hitting on everything with breasts.

Also, even though it was just a rehearsal, doing pratfalls while walking your mom down the church aisle is generally frowned upon.

I'm so going to hell.


  1. Anonymous11:00 PM

    Were you drunk dialing yourself?

  2. ha. might as well have been.

    more drunk calling friends vs. drunk dailing in the traditional sense.

    wow I think it was three years ago that I did that - sitting at wildfower pizza (I always call it yellow flour) in santa monica calling someone who was in Vegas if I remember correctly.


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