yeah I know this is everywhere else


A) Some of you (Cort) I know for a fact don't read other blogs (what!?!) and spend little time online in general.

Photo Hosted at Buzznet.comB) Kelly Clarkson is cute

C) Kelly Clarkson is drunk as hell

D) If you've never been to Metal Skool (Mondays at the Key Club) then this gives you a good idea of the silly fun it can be. I found the experience interesting during my first visit there.

E) Kiss Or Kill has been sending a band for the last month and will continue so in a more official manner starting (every first Monday) next month with the Overnight Lows and the Randies CD release. This video might have been the same night New Maximum Donkey had played.

(Get free tix if you hit KorK the week before and show up before 10pm at the Key Club otherwise it's 15 bucks )


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