sometimes one should dress for success

I felt sort of bad for the shirtless guy.

All evening this one police cruiser had been so cool about the party in Echo Park, even waving as they drove by (so I was told). Now at about 3.30 am, LAPD had Shirtless Guy against the trunk for cuffing purposes after giving him 10 minutes of their time and all the chances in the world for him to just walk away, to head home to the wife or mom or at least a couch on a friend's bed but he choose to (under intoxication's guide) to keep talking and taunting the cops to arrest him with fingers entwined and arms around his back. The cops finally took him up on that offer.

Shirtless Guy said he felt a little disrespect by the crowd. Said all of the guests in black shirts weren’t being cool to him.

Shit that was 90% of the party right there.

Joe felt our numbers were sufficient to defend an assault if the SG wanted to try. We were all drunk and drunken neighbors were welcomed but nobody wanted anything bad to happen that night.

Maybe the 'Hey there's a Shirtless Guy here! - snicker, snicker' said by one guy up on the stoop didn’t need to be said.

Maybe dude didn’t get the hint during the five minutes a crowd of much taller, drunk, yet fully clothed guys pushed him away up the hill telling him to just go home. Another five minutes later the cops came by, the party moved inside and Shirtless Guy eventually was driven away in cuffs.

As for me?

I was annoyed at a selfish person (pls hold the 'ironic, huh?' jokes) and that I even cared (pls hold the cold hearted jokes) five minutes into my drive home.

Clearly I still suck.


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