this weekend in advance

or wtf is this Chissum Worthington guy all about?
Three back to back shows?

Ok for this weekend:

Kiss or Kill has a great lineup for Colin's going away / pre Sunset Junction kick off with Pu$$y-Cow 12:35---
Bang Sugar Bang 12:00-12:20 (first show since coming off tour
Porterville 11:25-11:45 (taking a break from recording just for Colin)
Silver Needle 10:45-11:05
The Letter Openers10:10-10:30
Chissum Worthington9:35-9:55 (Oh Captain, My Captain)
Black Comets 9:00-9:20
Midway 8:30 - 8:50 (my favorite silly band)

Then during Sunset Junction, come by El Cid for two days of shows ($2 each day) and enjoy things like air condtioning, bathrooms, three bars, and way too many bands

Saturday, August 26th
Chissum Worthington HIGH NOON, Present Tense 12:30p-1:00p, The Press Fire 1:15p-1:45p, Wrapt In Plastic 2:00p-2:30p, Steel 2:45p-3:15p, The Power Cords 3:30p-4:00p, The Mulhollands 4:15p-4:45p, The Strays 5:00p-5:30p, The Prix 5:45p-6:15p, break for flamenco dancers, The New Fidelity 9:30p-10:00p, Silver Needle 10:15p-10:45p, Bang Sugar Bang 11:00p-11:30p, Pu$$y-Cow 11:45p-12:15p, Cake Cutter 12:30a---

Sunday, August 27th
Chissum Worthington HIGH NOON,
Front Row For The Meltdown 12:30p-1:00p, Deadbeat Sinatra 1:15p-1:45p, Resonant Heads 2:00p-2:30p, She's Your Sister 2:45p-3:15p, The Dizzy Riders 3:30p-4:00p, Bobot Adrenaline 4:15p-4:45p, The Letter Openers 5:00p-5:30p, The Ebbs 5:45p-6:15p, break for flamenco dancers, Get Set Go 9:30p-10:00p, Underwater City People 10:15p-10:45p, Midway 11:00p-11:30p, The Waking Hours 11:45p-12:15p, The Black Comets 12:30a---

Go to for the full and easy to read listing with links and more info.


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