sometimes I like sad songs

I'm going to the Hotel Cafe tomorrow for the first time.
I hear it's cool.
I don’t get out much.
You would be surprise how little I've seen in this big town.

A bunch of talented people are playing tomorrow night but only one is bringing me in, Lauren Hoffman.

Something aboout her voice and a little regret at not seeing her set at Genghis Cohen last year makes this a must see show for me. Dumb personal stuff got in the way last time and dumb personal stuff makes me sad sometimes and so when some of her songs have the same effect on you can see how that would've made a bad combination.

Sometimes it's just perfect/bad timing of music and mood.

I love these songs / why not watch some videos
Joshua - solipsist

LH is on at eight.
I have no idea how much it is
...and it really doesn't matter

hotel café 8.09.06 8PM ~
largo (guest performance with Harvey Danger, 2-3 songs) 8.11.06 9PM

Buy her newest album Choreography

Her site forlauren, LH on myspace, more videos on youtube


  1. wow! you are like the king of all these la rock clubs and you haven't been to the hotel cafe and I HAVE?!?!?!

    No way!

    yeah, it's cool..tiny and cool. almost went there again a couple weekends ago to see Cinjun
    Tate, formerly of Remy Zero...a favorite band of mine that is no longer.

    a tiny tiny place, but most excellent if you want to see a band you love inside of it.

    i remember walking thru a parking lot to an seedy entrance way in the back off the street. yay.

  2. Anonymous10:58 PM

    They expanded the hotel cafe a couple months ago, I went there last week and saw Schuyler Fisk, she's the daughter of Sissy Spacek. She was in the movie Orange County with Colin Hanks and Jack Black. She sings very goody.

  3. xtx: this whole blog is my pretend life. I spend most nights doing laundry and going to target.

    anonymous: I've heard about the expansion and only wonderful things about this place (the size and the booking in particular)so I'm looking forward to crossing this venue off my list.

    I've given up trying to keep track of all the great artists that are booked there but will certainly check out Schuyler Fisk.


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