sometimes I avoid looking

Artist: ZOFKA
Song: "Je ne suis qu'à moi"
Country: Switzerland

4.00pm: Left work
5.30pm: There were Mormons waiting at my front door.

If I had been inside for their arrival I wouldn’t have bothered getting off the couch to open the door; I'd still be flipping channels of the TV quite visibly from the driveway of my house. This time they watched the garage pull open as I glided up the court and they knew avoidance wasn't possible.

I've known and worked with some hardcore Mormons and some that were struggling with their faith when our paths crossed and all were the least pushy folks you can meet. Talking to these two guys wasn't going to kill me.

So we chit-chatted for a couple minutes about my personal experiences with people of the mormon-istic persuasion. Didn't feel it necessary to mention the one that said 'what you've always wanted is sitting right in front of you.' She wasn't talking about converting and I still regret the choice I made.*

Yeah I've talked to other Mormons before. No not recently. They seemed to appreciate my straight forward answers and total lack of hostility at their presence. Said our goodbyes and 'have a good day's I went from garage to room, to hallway, to bed and didn't wake up until 11.45pm.

Grr. I was getting sick again.

Might explain the all the imagined conversations I had during that "nap": the words whispered into my ear from the pony tailed girl, speaking to the Ex about fractured bones, memories relived with an old friend that I didn't see during my trip last week, and then there were those infatuated thoughts again.

Didn't help that I was dead tired from the highland ground show the night before, but promises were made to Ashley. I would write a proper post about it but I've been in the must be getting sick daze all week, feeling numb to conversations and my surroundings so it's only going to be bits of stuff that make it on here today.

I was told of an introduction between friend and a previous infatuation of mine.**

Me: She's very nice don't you think?
Friend: Yes she was...
She continued with a summary of her introduction.
Me: She has the greatest voice too. Something about it...
Friend: It cuts through the crowd
Me: yeah it's a voice...a great voice...for recording. Yeah that's what I was trying to say.
Friend: a great recording voice?
Me: Yeah, you could record the fuck out of that voice.
Friend: oh really now?

10.30pm: Sipping my Guinness and watched the show from the back corner
10.39pm: I noticed her attendance. Tried to avoid looking twice to see how cute she looked.
10.40pm: Failed on that last part.

*This is not as bad as it sounds and I was surprised as hell when she said it. Weird things like that are one of the reasons I write this blog. Did I mention she was beautiful and cool and beautiful?

**infatuation and crushes are different.
I tend to avoid knowing people well enough to have them become crushes.


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