Instant Kool Aid

I work for a nutritional supplement (vitamins) company (Oh no. I said too much) and many of my customers are always looking for the next big fad to come to market.

This morning one my customers came by with his newest project: An appetite suppressant concentrate built right into a standard water bottle cap.

Simply replace the original water bottle cap with this cap, give the upper white portion a twist and it dispenses a flavored formula right in to the water.

Neat and a bit gimmicky.

The cap was developed for a major beverage company so you might see in the future in flavor/energy boosting or maybe to let kids morph the color of a drink.

As for the formula, the one I'm trying tastes like kool aid and since I skipped breakfast I feel a little intoxicated right now from some of the actives in the formulation.

Fun and a bit dizzy.


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