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I've been coasting on this wonderful calmness since Saturday night. Headed out to Acme for a late sketch show, a beer next door and then ate at Swingers for the first time.

Maybe it was the shared vegan chocolate chip pancakes that calmed my nerves, or my coke settling the stomach knots I tend to battered up beforehand that some read differently from my actions: Quiet yet I engaged in conversation, smiled knowingly and wrote in the air with my fork.

Maybe I was just happy.

Ended the night 'round 3 AM making faces at stoplights down Beverly until it split at Temple forcing my way home. I couldn't sleep with blocks of words still forming above my eyes until 4.30 when thankfully I heard the thunder and lighting coming for me outside.

Random Bits:

Wed @ Kiss or Kill:
THE FUXEDOS are America's favorite apocalyptic lounge-punk-comedy-rock and roll-free jazz-storytelling-freakout-cinematic-what-the-hell? band, complete with costumes, props, and bizarrely humorous theatrics.
The Knives 9:30, The Generators 10:15, Automatic Music Explosion 11:00,
The Fuxedos 11:45, Front Row For The Meltdown 12:30


I'm completely fascinated by this Brazilian band Bonde Do Role today.
watch this video and this video


  1. Anonymous2:47 PM

    and who is this girl? it better not be who i think it is. i expect a full report like YESTERDAY

  2. what?

    are you sure you're reading this blog?


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