I like when I make the right choice

Deep Sea Diver, Jessica Dobson, Silverlake LoungeI decided that I would make the 45 minute drive down to Costa Mesa for the seconds to last Deep Sea Diver's residency at the Detroit Bar since MFR is coming next week and I simply did not want to wait until May for my next j-do fix.

Let me tell you (Corey esp) that you seriously missed out on a great show last night.

Met friend and Southern OC local Ms. Johnny Pumpkin just in time to catch The Slings, a multi instrumental three piece that impressed me with their multitasking performance. Sometimes there was dual drumming, or dual xylophone whilst drumming and (my favorite) a saw and violin bow were mixed into this creature of heartfelt indie sounds.

JP was a big fan of the melodica they were using enough so to ask what that keyboard harmonica thingy was called. I'd always called them a hooter as in that one hit wonder 80's band which Ms JP smarty pants was surprisingly unaware of.

What? You don't remember the hooters ?

Deep Sea Diver came on stage, played a song or two before inviting the Slings back up for some j-do songs and a series of covers by Magnetic Fields, Leonard Cohen and a more than amazing rendition of Bjork's Human Behavior.

One aspect I love is not knowing how DSD is going to come across on any particular night. I've seen Jessica Dobson play straight by the book full band renditions of her recordings to solo stints with a electric guitar where I imagined her feeling the song more than just playing it. It's that close your eyes, hold my hand and trust me on this musical journey she launches into mid-song that the first time audience member just might not understand. Well this night was a show that would be a perfect first time experience: a full bodied, encapsulating set that showed off everything I loved about her sound.

Yeah, I surprise myself to the levels of my gushing I have for this band sometimes.

As always so so good and I hope for a repeat experience when the Slings open for Deep Sea Diver again on May 9th at the Plush Lounge in Fullerton.

It's not just me, these folks liked it too:
from The Slings livejournal
from this myspace blog post

Upcoming shows:

4.30.07 @ Detroit Bar - Free 21+
with Matt Death & the New Intellectuals

5.04.07 @ Gypsy Lounge, Lake Forest
All LBC bands, but in Lake Forest huh?
I.Me.Mine. 8.30, The Soft Hands 9.30, Forcefield ON 10.30, Deep Sea Diver 11.30
5.09.07 @ The Plush Lounge
With My Pet Saddle
, The Slings $5, all ages
5.11.07 @ The Echo
opening for The Delta Spirit $7?
5.17.07 @ Alex Bar LBC
21+, $3 - the other bands listed sound questionable
but maybe southwell will be working. hmm
5.20.07 @ Koos Art Center LBC
$6 with Agent Ribbions, Dusty Rhodes & the River Band

photo from the 3.28.07 SilverLake Lounge show by dj cheese zombie


  1. No Sir , It is YOU who missed out on a great show. THE HAPPY HOLLOWS kick ass every day and in every way! I guess neither of us will ever know what was truly missed.

  2. Anonymous5:36 PM

    Sure, Corey, you'll never know what was truly missed. Until Untitled Tiny Instrument Band w/Wind-Up Monkey is the NEXT BIG THING and you're CRYING IN YOUR SOUP that you weren't there at its inception.


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