yesterday was a rough day

(I know this Boomtown Rats song well but I don't remember this video (link) with a creepy, bugged eyed (Sir) Bob Geldolf.)

Grrr I'm in a mood and if this was an anonymous blog I would be telling you it was due to too much caffeine, nicotine, a bout of a specific colored emotion, sleep deprivation, and allergies over the weekend but it's not so I think it really was just me waking up on the wrong side of the bed.

Yeah that's mostly a lie.

The sleepless nights have returned and for some unknown reason it's been three days without hot water in my building. So I took a shower Sunday night hoping the all would be well after a crappy day at work.

It wasn't.

As mentioned before I was already in mood so I called the manager's office to leave a not so friendly message or better, to see if there was an after hours number.

There wasn't one.


Hi this Robert Dxxxxxx in Apt X on Xxxxxx street. It's Monday, about 5.30pm. There hasn't been hot water in my apartment for the last three days...Since Saturday around noon.

I assume someone [the contact person in Apt 1] called you already about this.
I assume this is already being worked on.

Well if I'm assuming incorrectly - since there is still no hot water - please call me back on my cell xxx-xxx xxxx...because, um, I'm just wondering when will be the next time I'll be able to take a shower, at least a hot one.


I am a very patient person. A very reasonable person, but there was no mistaking the annoyed tone in my message. What, they couldn't leave a note on our doors? Grr.

Frustrated with everything I tried to make the day a little better by eating a lot of junk, pretending I wasn't anything like 'that guy', flipped on 24, and threw down some more Tylenol for my all day headache. Oh too much Tylenol might give the world beneath closed eyelids the look of purple and yellow streaks with gray beaded static. Who knew?

On an up note: I think I might go see a screening of this movie tonight after another cold shower.


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