Listed in distance from my apartment.

The Happy Hollows @ the Echo
The Black Pine, Luna is Honey, Winter Flowers
My thoughts: well it's free, blocks from home and I'm fixing for a Happy Hollows energy blast.

The Soft Hands @ Mr T's Bowl - Free
The Henry Clay People, & The Clark 8

My Thoughts: Keep meaning to see this band but waiting for some lineups with them next month. It's been awhile since I've visited T's and they treat me right on Mondays at Little Cave down the street

Meiko (8pm) @ Hotel Cafe
opening for Rosie Thomas
My thoughts: Corey loves her but a little too mellow for me tonight.

The Oohlas @ Troubadour
Men Women and Children, Bedouin Soundclash
My thoughts: I have a thing for the Oohlas but not so much of the headliner.

Deep Sea Diver (Jessica Dobson) @ The Detroit Bar
with The Slings - Free

My Thoughts: Costa Mesa is so so far but so so worth it in my opinion

Conclusion: I have a bad haircut.


  1. I'm still around.

    Sorry about the bad haircut ... It might not be as bad as you think? (just wear a hat)

    As for your choices, I can't help you there...

  2. oooh rosie thomas! i was SO bummed i didn't get to see her on my birthday. in seattle you can't really wait to buy tickets to shows i guess. it almost ruined my birthday, hearing it was sold out. hmphf!

    i'm sorry you have a bad haircut. do you like hats?

  3. Hi Sizzle! I believe that the Hotel Cafe often leaves a few tickets for walk ups if you get there early enough - being a small venue as it is and with an excellent booking history it always fills up.

    I love hats but my big old pumpkin head makes it hard to find one that looks good.

  4. Jane I just want to see you writing again.

    I know, I know you have a lot going on with school. When do you move?

  5. Anonymous5:30 PM

    You should proofread better. I believe it was supposed to read, "Corey loves her butt. A little too mellow for me tonight."

    Your haircut is so not that bad. A couple minor easy adjustments and you're good as gold. The Friar Tuck actually was getting kinda amusing, though.


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