Minutes Til Midnight

Band: Minutes Til Midnight
Song: Vintage Hearts (youtube link)
Why: Best played loud while driving fast at 2 AM

I totally forgot about this local band and if it wasn't for the itunes shuffle feature I might have not noticed in a runabout way their free show next Monday at the Echo (with Black Pine).

I don't know anything about them (I don't know much* actually. me stupid) other than their description listed on myspace: "Minutes til Midnight is a Band, a Multimedia Event, a Production/Remix team..." and that the singer Cliff Magreta co wrote a couple songs with Paul Oakenfold. Interesting enough for further research next Monday.

There are some live videos from an earlier Spaceland show here if you want a better idea of their sound.

* "..I don't know much, but I know I love you"


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