I look like a Q-tip today

I don't know where I'm going to be in twelve hours. (9hrs now) That is neither here or there - this is post is all about my hair right now.

So driving up the 5 from Lake Forest, oops I mean Mission Viejo (they're interchangeable) I decided to head right up the 57 away from my home by the lake to get a haircut by my old house. If you've seen me in the last couple months or more frighteningly the last couple weeks, I've been sporting a hella kick ass Friar Tuck 'do.

Yeah it was bad. Yeah I was very aware of it. Yeah I have great friends who continue to let me embarrass myself in public.

At my old place I sit down in the chair in front of Mindy.
"Did you cut this yourself?" She looked pissed.
"No my friend did." lie, lie, lie I did.
"They don't know how to cut hair. They gave you a girl haircut!"
I wasn't sure if she was more disgusted with me or the bad trim I gave myself.
"Sorry! I've been busy."
"Yeah everyone busy."
"I probably shouldn't wait six months between cuts huh?"
"You have a girl cut. I'll fix it." She limply lifts up my bangs, "So how do you want it?"
I grab the back I instruct her to cut the large mass off but keep some of the length.
"Oh you mean a normal man haircut. No more girl cut?"
"You're making fun of me aren't you?"
"Don't worry I'll make you have a guys haircut again."

And with that and a giant razor it's now super short.

taken with a crappy cell phone but that's not really an excuse for fugliness.

on a separate note:
sorry if you had to work this weekend and found yourself still bored enough to read my blog.


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