Kiss or Kill 4.11.07

Kiss or Kill presents @ Safari Sams

Inazuma 12-12:30, Silver Needle 11:45
Automatic Music Explosion 11:00-11:30
The Prix 10:15-10:45 The Lieutenants 9:30-10:00

The Prix are great.
Don't miss The Prix.
You must see The Prix.
read an interview with them here

After last week's Kiss or Kill, Joe (of p=cow) feels the same way (well maybe more so) about about Automatic Music Explosion as I did a few weeks back but said it a billion times better with his posts and bulletins. While not my favorite band they definitely bring the fun spirit back that keeps many of us returning each week.

And I keep returning even after a week of almost sick left me achy, tired and grumpy so with a quick whiskey and coke I drove three miles to park and had another swig before going in. Wanted a little numbness to stand alone for the night while waiting in between bands, in between thoughts of being boring, which I am. WASH. As for music the singer of Enid the Down had a sweet kay hanley-ish voice and what the heck was the name of her old band? The Randies were up second but made it only through half before hiding in the back against a pole thinking of all the issues I have with them. so many of my boring issues. RINSE. Bummed a smoke within the group as one called out "hey how are you doing? just hanging back smoking, huh?" they looked at me. "Do I look tired?" "yeah" they responded. "well I feel tired" and that is not how to make an impression but hell I'm shaggy haired coughing these days and how I wish I had your confidence, and I can't escape, so I'll head the other way. REPEAT.



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