I'm waiting for something flown on top of winds from the East Coast and I think it will be just as good as the real thing. I also think the real thing will even better whenever that might happen again. I'm patient.

Friday was a nothing night when folks took it easy before the junction as was Thursday I suppose. That night I went over to the Echoplex which was not as crazy packed (just walk right in packed) as I had imagined it would be. Not only was it free but it offered a great line up of Gore Gore Girls, The Architects (I missed both to being slow and having an late old man nap), Irving, and Midnight Movies that are two of my favorite things.

Irving is such a wonderful band that I kept missing over the last year but not because I didn't try: one time the power went out but usually often due to conflicting plans. Standing up front remembering where I was in my life a few years ago when I first came across their music, thinking how much has changed for the better. I originally looked through my archives for an old post regarding this and was surprised to discover that it was pre-lorange post lost to the interwebs when I was in the habit of starting over every few months. When this was not meant to matter.

Out in the patio afterwards DJCZ chatted over the past week events and about the people I became acquainted with as the police day in night light scanned the crowd. When Midnight Movies came on we stayed put to continue on and as he put it, they sounded a lot more "hippy" than the darkness that originally appealed to him. Again missing a post about that one E3 after party show at the Mayan with 8Bit and the original three piece line of MM. Did find a perfect example of some of the crap I had to deal with at my old job though. The meth part was true.

Wow. I'm getting sentimental over blogs posts. Can't even pull up my old Diaryland crap anymore and it is utter crap. Hopefully forever lost. What was that 2000? moving on.

Friday 1.20 am and I'm watching smoke rise from a house fire on the other side of EP in Angelino Heights. The copters are flying circles, the sirens are coming down Sunset. Hope they're alright

becky, becky, becky...my mind drifts. goodnight.

Irving - Situation video link. Swore I posted it a year ago.


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