The Usual Suspects - wed/thurs

Kiss or Kill presents a great lineup tonight @ El Cid:

Steel is up first, The Waking Hours (my fav of the bunch), The King Cheetah
The last band sounds interesting / Joe says they're great:
The Midnight Shakes - Shake Your bones (vid link)

Great Northern, @ Detriot Bar, $6 I believe
The Happy Hollows @ The Makeout Room (San Francisco)
bay area peeps: I'm trying to make this show, come out.


  1. Anonymous2:47 PM

    "Joe says they're great"
    I think they're okay, good but by no means great, they're not AME or anything

    and added not so greatness... one of the tamborine girls is a TOTAL douche! She was being a condesending bitch to me just cause I wanted to sit out on the patio instead of going into OTP cause I was not feeling well (as you know you can still hear and see them perfectly from there) and she just layed into me, who knows maybe she thought she was being "cute" with her snotty attitude, but her superiority complex was insainly gigantic so Kevin gave her the "I hate you, please fuck off" look... which granted, might look intimidating, however is no reason for her to try to convince a couple of the guys in the band to beat him up a little while later... god I hate girls that try to start fights, and esspecially when they're starting fights for guys they know to fight "for their honor" or some shit, when the guys aren't even involved and have no idea what the story is of why they're supposed to fight... god, that behavior's just scum of the earth I think.

  2. Anonymous3:08 PM

    That has nothing to do with their musical skill, but it's the same reason I can't stand the Black Comets after over hearing them talking about Chissum... it's hard to go to a show for a band that you know have just ridiculously huge assholes in it

    Joe's often gone off about 8bit for the same reason... sometimes personal shit coming from the artist just completely obliterate any beauty you could see in what they create

    I have a hard time respecting anyone who goes around assuming they're better than people they know absolutely nothing about, don't know the people that they're so much better than or what these inferior people's accomplishments and talents are, have nothing to base making their little judgemental minds up on

    basically, she/they're the stereo type of why people hate hipsters, acting superior for no reason and like a spoiled child, who don't know their oppinions aren't facts... that's who that girl is... I don't know anyone else in the band, but she sure made a bad name for the band in my book as well as those who were there with me


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