Found a man in Glendale who said twenty dollars and twenty minutes will heal the broken frames I held in my hand. "Yes, I need them well again," as I laid a crisp twenty down on the counter to seal the deal. Hands shook after we both spat in our palms (not really) and I waited and waited and then stood up to see sunken eyes in the mirror, just a little clearer now.

I saw the grass was truly greener on the other side where a wedding exited onto concrete steps with bridesmaids blue with dresses they never will wear after today. Amused how sidewalk cracks loomed large over little dogs much cuter than possible on my walk up to my apartment but kept thoughts straight on friends happier in 'we dare not call it more than serious like' relationships. Whatever, we all know better.

A nap, then daze, a three dollar shirt bought because I didn't need glasses to spot a deal on mis-stitched apparel. My priorities wouldn't allow for more and I wanted a beer tonight so I think I'm on the right track this evening to be among friends and music. A beer, plenty of smiles and laughs but on the bar's uneven stairs I see from behind the glasses that I'm still simply alone.


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