The Wombats next week in LA

The Wombats are a UK band I came across last year (again a big yay to music blog futuresounds for the introduction) and fell in love with their catchy, silly lyrical songs that basically sound the same but that could not stop the ridiculous amounts of repeat plays in my stereo.

Originally set to do a show at Safari Sam's right after SXSW but due to illness and/or concentrating on bigger shows back home a series of show cancellations dashed my anticipation until the two shows next week. Now I'll find out if all those crazy sing alongs I've read about are true.

A new proper album with reworked songs and some new bits will be out at some point in October or so they claim so keep and eye out for that. In the mean time enjoy this video for the song Kill The Director.

Tuesday Aug. 7th @ Cinespace ($5 I think) 21+
Wednesday Aug 8th @ Spaceland $12, 21+
Thursday Aug. 9th @ Popscene (San Francisco) $8 21+, $10 for kiddies

website, myspace, funny SXSW promos (part1, part2)
oh that cuddly wombat pictured is listed as coming soon on their merch page. Cute, no?


  1. I take study breaks by checking your blog and so far i have not been impressed with today's edition. aka... NOTHING. seriously, hop to it if you care about my sanity


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