how rare

So, yeah* I've been out of town the last few days and not posting much lately. It's nice here in Crushville and I kind of like the locals a lot.
Smitten if you will.

"Wait. (hands on hips) Isn't this the same place you disappear to once a year?"

"You've been reading this for over a year? Why haven't I noticed?"

"Yes, it's called RSS feeds."

"Oh I know all about feeds. More people should use them; They've been around for years."

"I know!" We both exclaim in unison.


Oh yeah. (Wait. Who am I talking to?) No that's the industrial area of Infatuation Burg on the other side of tracks filled with the empty buildings where the cracked out shopping carts roll down to rust; not even the homeless want them. The one good thing that place has going for it is that you can do anything there. Let your mind go free to imagine a better place. A better place like Crushville.

No Crushville is even better than that with its streets lined with palm tress and vegetarian restaurants and redwood houses you can drive through to reach salad bowl farms. People are real and really cute out there. None of this LA fakeness of big sunglasses with little dogs, and I'll throw in my favorite: Ugg boots. I hear the cheese is good too.

It's so nice to awake here this morning to words that made me blush, smile, then lay my head down on the table and smile some more. true story.

I just wish that rare place wasn't so far away...

* So, yeah - I just noticed that Sonia starts nearly every post with that. Probably always has.


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