chop chop

My hair is worth $21 plus tip.

I like my hair enough to keep it clean but not have it cut more often than two months of average then get chopped short and proper until letting it grow out to skooby doo shagginess. Not sure if this is a guy thing of not putting much thought in my looks or living most of my life in suburbia that has immune me paying anything more than $13 bucks. If I was little more full of myself confident, I would go out with bed hair (I rock the bed hair) but there's that whole I didn't wash it filth that forces me to wash it away.

So now that it was that time again and after the bad cut (still an improvement over the friar tuck) a couple months ago, I decided to spend the extra money and hit Rudy's Barbershop in Silver Lake.

Now I know it's a chain too but I've seen plenty of good cuts walk out of the place that I couldn't go wrong and in this I was right. Might look the same to some of you but I feel like a unicorn under rainbows when I look in the mirror this week. One of the best, albeit not all the fancy, cuts I've had with a pleasant overall experience waiting with extra points given for the good indie/hipster/club music selection.

I think call ins and regulars get taken to the chairs faster over walk ins or maybe they're more special than me like that actor dude who looked like Micheal Madsen but wasn't him, but even then my wait was no more than 20 minutes. Suffered through far worse waits at the giant chains with crappy KBIG (the lowest common denominator in radio stations) soundtracks and cuts that made me cry and look for hats in my closet until I realize that I don't own any that fit my giant pumpkin head. Then the sobs come to comfort me again.

Prices range from $15 for a buzz and $21 for a standard cut. Long hair which mostly applies to females and pretty males I suppose are $26, plus extra for styling and blowing.

Caroline on Crack already had her hair did at the Standard on Sunset location and also the melrose shop a couple years ago so check that out. Her hair needs are different than mine of course.

I read on Yelp the shop can be hit or miss with crazy wait times so maybe I got lucky and came out quite satisfied with my do. I'd do it again. ha.

(I've been having a good week, me thinks)
Photo by Ed Fladung used under Creative Commons license. His blog here.


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