So whilst shopping at Kohls for basic dress clothes for my non-existent job, I couldn't help notice that they have pretty decent in-store music (Nouvelle Vague for example) playing and not surprising, up pops The Dollyrots' song Because I'm Awesome. I heard about Kohls using the song for a commercial but without cable I had yet to view it and duh, didn't think to look online until this morning. Nice to see a local band of good people and one time staple of Kiss or Kill make some money. Oh they're in the beginning and then in the audience at the end.

So here it is:

DollyRots Kohl's Commercial

I was reading the press release and they're called a "teen rock band" (well they do look young...) and have upcoming commitments to appear on a college based show called "Greek" (ABC Family) and on "Sauce," (FUSE) some kind of variety show*.

Already completed: HP commercial, episode of CSI NY.
Next stop I could see them making: Conan O'Brien

A good overview of the band here.

* No I don't really miss cable for shows like that. Yes I realize the commercial has moved onto standard tv channels


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