my boring vegas trip recap

There are no tic tac toe-ing chickens in Vegas anymore

The Tropicana used to have the last cheesy Vegas game around where one could challenge a chicken to a game of tic tac toe for free once you surrendered your info in exchange for player's club card.

It's a computer aided chicken you're playing against and only one person actually beat the chicken in Vegas (five in Atlantic City, but you could get first choice which greatly increased your odds) so it's a waste of time more than anything.

Well no chicken game meant no money gambled at their casino for neither myself or the relatives I dragged hung over at 9 in the morning; in 100+ heat. No grand poultry conquest to brag about to home. The only thing that impressed was my knowledge of how to navigate around the side streets of the strip and where to find a nearest bathroom in any casino.

THEhotel at Mandalay Bay where my brother stayed was way nicer than the Excalibur castlefuck.
Cheetah WiFi is cheaper than the in-room broadband service
If staying at the el cheapo, but great location Excalibur, Do Not Be A Cheap Ass and book the old regular rooms. Upgrade to the newly remodeled "widescreen rooms" that are only 20 bucks more. The olds ones are crack head gross.

Speaking of which I think I'm going to break out my encounters with crack heads in individual posts. Those I found fascinating.

And finally wtf is up with that Fall of Atlantis show at Caesars Palace?
I like cheese but this was just plain old bad

Sorry. I had a fun, but uneventful (mostly sober) trip carting my mom around. I did drunk text someone special though.


  1. Anonymous6:00 AM

    well ladee fucking dah

  2. i may be wrong, but isn't crackhead one word?


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