The Usual Suspects: Wed 9.5.07

Kiss or Kill presents @ El Cid

New Maximum Donkey's is guaranteed to provide always funny, rocking sets. This is a band that will make you bounce, smile, and laugh (mostly to their in between song banter).

Get Set Go is a little mellower compared to the three piece version many years ago but nothing has diminished Mike TV's lyrical bittersweet rants and musings about life that have always been the core of his music. There is a reason why Grey's Anatomy has used many GSG songs over the last couple seasons and why I love listening to them.

9:45 Brainspoon, 10:30 pm Get Set Go, 11:15 New Maximum Donkey
12:00 Bike Lock (featuring members from Jack's Mannequin)


The Monolators , the Ghost Kings (a side project of The Parson Red Heads, sort of, kind of, and then some), Kissing Cousins, Unbusted @ Silverlake Lounge, $5

Pink Mochi @ Bordello

Box Violet (club moscow) @ Boardner’s
Not sure why this band has been laying low lately


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