Kiss or Kill - Words are not easy to come by these days

Kiss or KillI've been holding back completely or at best the first few lines make it into words but are forgotten by the time I sit in front of my laptop. This has been going on for weeks now.

Words were spoken to me the other night.

These are words that have a strong meaning to me - these words won't matter to most of you non-kiss or kill folks and I wouldn't normally mention anything before it's all announced if I wasn't given permission to that night.

So I was told that Kiss or Kill, the weekly music night I've been attending since late 2003 is coming to an end in Late December.

After the big Halloween Bash (more details to follow) the last two months will be dedicated to the bands and fans that made up the core group over the last few years. Expect to see old faces, past and current favorites, and I hear maybe some surprises. It will be a celebration of the last five years if you will.

It's hard to explain what I and others found at these shows and how so much has changed within this gathering and individually (and it would take too long). All the great bands, the crazy drunken nights, the music, the gossip and social drama, the crushes I'd developed, summer picnics, group bus trips to Vegas, the hook ups, the breakdowns, and the break ups.

There are many stories in this town.
Kiss or Kill was just one of them.

This old LA Weekly article explains it all


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