2) It Stalls


I woke up at 11pm wondering why
my pillow was wet.
Was there a leak in the roof?
Did I bring a drink with me in bed?

No. Just drooling. ewww

Thump went my feet across the floor, gulp went the water down my throat and peeked my eyes through parted sheets down onto reflected lights of Downtown across Echo Park Lake. On the couch I had three great post ideas. On the couch I lost three great post ideas with the flicking of channels. Crunch went the chips in my mouth. Crunch the chips with my teeth then washed down with water. Empty glass on my chest as I slept again on the couch.


3am. Turned onto my side where heavy hearts slide down and rested with doubt. With joy. With doubt again. Voices told me stories about friends that did me wrong a long time ago.

5am. Why the hell was I dreaming these things?

I've been mental all week with this sickness that slows what little ambition I have. Yes I know I'm a big, whiny baby about such things .

I stalled in making coffee. I stalled in showering, getting my lunch ready and puttered at best down to my car and despite all my attempts at stalling I'd arrived at work on time. Then stupid work was fun!?! Co-workers were not retarded!?!. New songs were offered that I can't stop listening to!?!

This whole day was going to be a damn great day no matter what I wanted.
And it was...


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