if I could be in two places

Deep Sea Diver, Jessica Dobson, Silverlake LoungeThe Fold presents @ Silverlake Lounge $8

Deep Sea Diver (featuring Jessica Dobson) 9pm
The Ebbs 11 pm

also Ready The Jet 10pm,
Dirty Men - midnight (wait, isn't that Mr. Skippy Simon?)

Kiss or Kill presents @ Safari Sam's

Casxio 9.30
(the band the much cooler blogs are highlighting)
EKUK 10:15, The Mulhollands 11pm,
Death Of A Dancer 11.45pm,
The Beautiful And The Damned 12.30

(also Rob Z is back hosting)

Interesting stuff distracting me until I feel like blogging for reals later on:

  • A great six page disneyland update on miceage.com - with pictures
  • Borg cube coffee mug on sale for only $9.99
  • the iphone is just the beginning - nerd out on this tech
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