Shooting @ 99 cent store on Sunset last night

[If you are looking for info on the fatal stabbing at Safari Sam's on Feb 10th 2008, click here]

I just heard via one of a thousand LJ blogs I read* that someone was shot in the other end of the 99cent store parking lot that the club Safari Sam's (and my usual Wednesday night hangout Kiss Or Kill) share with last night.

via cbs2

Sad - scary.
I hope it wasn't someone from kiss or kill that night but any death is regretful.

[update - I talked to couple people out in the front patio (located in the parking lot) and most think it was gang related - nothing to do with the club - the other end of the parking lot is seriously half a block away]

  • Joe was there:
    • i am hanging with MS when 5 shots ring out. i thought it was fireworks at first. I didn't duck until i realized they were gun shots at the fourth shot. a guy ran into a car and sped off..... full post here
  • Also another account here where SLO Town Devils writes an open complaint to Chief Bratton about how the officers on duty could've made the situation better for all the patrons whose cars where stuck there overnight.
      I was out listening to some bands at a club on Sunset Blvd recently when an unfortunate drive-by shooting occurred around 10:15 p.m. (I hope the individual is doing fine.) The police arrived and taped off the parking lot, which meant that no one in the club could get to their cars. A little over an hour after the shooting, the club made an announcement: either leave the club in 15 minutes or expect to stick around inside the club for 6 hours. Based on the fact that a crime occurred, I think this is all very acceptable; however, the behavior of the police lacked much needed empathy. .....full post

    *It is the rare exception that I'll link to a live journal - from my experience they're just as bad, if not worse than a myspace user's naivety ab
    out strangers reading their posts.
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