this just has to be said

If you see my bestest friend DJ Cheese Zombie at a show, you should buy him a drink and get to know him because you're missing out on all the fun.

I'm lucky to have 16+ years of memories and hopefully many more to come.

my other friends are pretty cool too of course.

Oh you might already know him from that weezer video (blog) (video)


  1. I totally agree and could say the exact same thing. come back up to SF C.

  2. Anonymous5:16 PM

    i know and love corey. it hasn't been 16 years, but it has been a few... and he was there for the infamous st patricks day and also the time i tormented the in n out guy with my lame jokes. so he is pretty cool. i will buy him a drink in april when I come home!


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