Please someone make it stop. *

There is a decent band I wanted to check out called An Angle as I've been enjoying their tracks for a couple weeks now. This morning I noticed that they are playing a show at the knitting factory/alternit lounge on Friday (with a Fullerton show on Thursday).

Sadly they are playing with some (based on onetime myspace listens) blah bands like this one, a 'I thought this sound died two years ago' emo band from New Jersey, and finally Facing New York from the Bay Area. I sort of was interested in them a few years ago when they were called Locale A.M. with a pop punk + political bent sound, but now they went straight up progressive rock on me and I can't frigging stand that fingernails on chalkboard music.

Now they very might even be a good band considering they're playing a couple SXSW shows, one a shared showcase with one of my favorite labels Eenie Meenie and I do get the importance of the progressive rock movement in music history. No I think what scares me is the question of indie rock might be running on empty and worse, progressive becoming the new big thing.

If Rush (liberal use of progressive, I know) announces a tour in the next few months, we can all take that as a bad sign.**

* 3 hours of sleep=probably a little grumpy
** yeah that's right, Rush sucks.


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