The Happy Hollows 3.5.2007

I'm posting out of order here...

Quickly wanted to mention Airborne Toxic Event were great last night at the Echo and I enjoyed them far more this time then the couple shows I caught last year - due to no fault of their own but how incredibly tired or distracted I was. Corey enjoyed their sound akin to a mix of Bright Eyes and the Kinks (his words) while I kept thinking that I could see myself doing a lot more bouncing during their residency.

Now The Happy Hollows were what we came to see and they delivered fantastic jangly noise rock with fits of overloaded power surges in an already energetic set. Really Corey should be the contributor I've already asked him to be on this blog since I'm just going to steal his thoughts again: when the guy was singing, those songs came off a lot like At The Drive In and this comment from my post below:
    I'll throw in another helping of love love love the Happy Hollows. All the best parts of all the bands I ever loved. "If I was in a band, it would be a band like this."
He also said to me last night: "they wiped the other band off the stage."

That DJ Cheese Zombie is not one to mince his words about a band's live performance apparently.


  1. Ok - let me clear up or add to my thoughts about Airborne and Happy Hollows.
    I did enjoy Airborne a lot - and only this song "The Girls in Their Summer ?Dresses?" sounds like the Kinks. Otherwise I said they sound like Brights Eyes with more guitars. Airborne does have a quality to their sound that seems familiar and very likable but for now I can't think of which bands those are. Well anyway - Iv'e been told before by musicians that they really don't like the labels of "Oh they sound or you sound like so and so.." They impressed me very much.
    But yeah, after The Happy Hollows I kinda forgot we even saw another band that night.

  2. How about you write some reviews for this blog so I can stick to the stalkery I think this girl is cute but I'm not going to say hi 'cause I'm shy and not really creepy posts?


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