3) It restarts

Sleep is a funny thing.

I need it to survive and kick myself when I not getting enough but sometimes the lack of it can be so worth feeling like a zombie the next day. Other times all I can wish for is my mind to stop working long enough to fall asleep in the PM and hope the messed up dreams stop waking me up mid night.

Last Friday I was beyond tired and slept from 14 hours straight. I woke up in great mood, enjoying my cup of coffee looking over the lake before heading out to three different shoe stores looking for a bargain but ended up at Target.

After some retarded-ness on my part Corey and I attended the Amphiyard Loft party in Echo Park adjacent which turned out to be a lot-o-fun. We didn't know very many folks there but at three bucks for four bands, a couple of kegs, free whiskey and cokes, and all you can eat tacos how could one not have fun?

New Fidelity - great as always

Wake Up Incinerate - one song had a serious Lita Ford inspired lyric (youtube link) Corey found amusing and it was nice to see more than the partial set I caught at KorK a few weeks ago.

The Soft Hands (pictured) We left very impressed with this band. On my must see again list.

The funniest thing was seeing how surly the two girls serving the whiskey became as the night progressed. Apparently the tipping wasn't up to their expectations and they made that quite clear to everyone.

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  1. Anonymous8:08 PM

    1. Thanks for the kind words
    2. Those bartenders were out of control. I tried pulling the "I'm broke but I'm playing in the next band" routine(sad, but 100% true) and they wouldn't have it. I was like, "can't you be like the nice taco lady and just give me one drink for free!"
    3. Happy Hollows are great. We love them and try bring them down to LBC a lot
    4. Long Beach is great. Sorry, repping the hometown
    5. Hope to see you at a show soon'
    List over
    -mattfry of thesofthands


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