This is my life broken down into some of my monthly bills. Some static, some waiting to surprise the fuck out of you when you pull that wedge of paper and little flyers pushing Direct TV installation out of the envelope.

I think to myself, "Do I really need a land line?"

Remember when that was just called a regular phone line? No extra voicemail or caller ID charges, pre-DSL, No five buck monthly fee for long distance calls. Grr! Down with the man! So I don't have cable, I have cheap dial up (that's what work is for anyhow), I use calling cards, and I have an antenna on my roof. I refuse to bend over and say thank you for these people. If I want entertainment I'll socialize with living people who don't need an Extreme Makeover. [ed: I really don't even know what I meant when I wrote that]

Now if I could only afford a solar panel to power my house. [ed: I heard there is a 10x10 shack in Montana available. Ask for Ted]

My rent is going up 200 dollars in a couple of months, which I can afford in theory. My room-mate has been saving me twice that, so I'm still ahead. But is it worth it? A 40 mile commute each way to work = 1.15 hrs x 2 ways + $6 gas use daily. It could be worse, knock on wood.

At least I won a ticket on my Star Wars lotto scratcher today.

I'll be home tonight, but don't call between nine and ten though, 24 is on.


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